i wonder how different the stan world would be if “sexy & i know it” didn’t exist and “we found love” had decreased just enough for “the one that got away” to squeeze in a week at #1 and break mj’s record.

shaniallahtwain replied to your post: i still can’t believe “true love” flop…

that and TTAL are my favorites off of that album I couldn’t believe it either

i mean it really doesn’t matter that the song flopped considering the album still sold 6 million copies WW + her tour was one of the highest grossing tours of 2013, but it still hurts a little. </3


its a young boys first year of school and his dad is very proud of him. his dad is really rich and shit so he asks his son”what do you want as your reward?” his son says “one grain of sugar” and his dad thinks its kinda weird but he gives it to him anyways.

a few years later his…

i still can’t believe “true love” flopped


when mutuals don’t reblog your selfies



A number one dad, ten out of ten, Dad of the year, gettin laid all year this year, best dad ever, you did it.

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Guy Cotten, a French company specializing in rugged outdoor attire and safety gear, produced an interactive video titled “Sortie En Mer” (A Trip Out To Sea) that gives users a firsthand look at what it’s like to fall off a sailboat and eventually drown.

After a man falls into the ocean, viewers are told to scroll up as quickly as they can to keep his head above water. If users choose not to scroll, the man drowns in a matter of seconds. If they do scroll, they’ll see the man’s disturbing struggle to stay alive.

Play here:
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Who was the artist who got you so much into the music industry? Like the one who make you start to care and learn all about it

hmm, this is a nice question. i would say it was mainly my main two faves, p!nk and gaga. both helped me make steps in terms of getting into music.

p!nk was the first artist who actually made me pay attention to music. like, i think everyone has that point when they’re 9-12 years old when they stop just hearing songs on the radio and start to go online to actually research about an artist they like. pink was that artist for me. i loved “so what”, “sober”, and “please don’t leave me”, and luckily, my grandparents in puerto rico had a laptop, so i was able to learn a lot about her. funhousei’m not dead were the first two cds i ever bought with my own money (i got them the summer i was in puerto rico). m!ssundaztood and try this were the 3rd and 4th albums i got too. can’t take me home was my 7th album (i bought the famethe fame monster between that time)

gaga was the artist to really get me into stanning. i had got into around august 2009 (the day i got back from puerto rico, my cousin and her friend were singing to “lovegame” and i was like wtf, but by the end of the month i was playing the “paparazzi” video on repeat on music choice. the vma performance trapped me in tbh. i had gotten my first laptop in january 2010, so i started to see people talk about the artists i like, and i listened to new songs whenever i wanted, and i knew which songs would be singles before everyone knew them for the first time. it was so cool. the born this way era was what actually hurled me into stanning. i talked with my friends on bmgf about gaga +  i joined spillitnow and talked about her now. i saw all her performances, all her photoshoots, all her tweets, etc. it was so cool for me tbh. i also think i should mention that i joined both tumblr and atrl in november 2011, so 2012 had even more stanning.

and tbh, p!nk was the one who got me into charts. before that, i loosely knew what was happening chart wise (“oh, born this way sold a million copies first week, cool”, “oh, “marry the night” isn’t doing so well :(“, “”the edge of glory” is doing nice on radio, yes!”, etc.). but when “blow me (one last kiss)” was released and the the truth about love era began, i really started getting into the specifics. i would watch the hot 100 every week. i would check the itunes top 1500 to see where her songs were. i checked for her daily radio updates. she was slaying so much and i loved it. eventually that branched off more into me seeing how other artists were doing.

if/when i meet either of them, i really wanna tell them both how much they’ve affected my life and cry in their arms tbh. thanks for asking this anon :)

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omfg on @midnight​ the FTW challenge is to come up with the inner monologue of one of avril lavigne’s back-up dancers from the “hello kitty” music video

the winning monologue was “i don’t know what i should be more embarrassed of, how racist this video is, or the fact that i’m in an avril lavigne music video. either way, this is ending with a knife in my stomach”

omfg on @midnight​ the FTW challenge is to come up with the inner monologue of one of avril lavigne’s back-up dancers from the “hello kitty” music video


Could everyone say some prayers for my dog he’s having a really really hard time breathing and he has to stay at the animal hospital overnight because he can’t breathe without an oxygen tank and it just all happened really fast and he was in remission from cancer and they think it might have came back and spread into his lungs and I’m really scared and nervous and he’s really scared and he’s not doing well right now

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my moms been talking to me for 20 minutes about responsible decisions to make when I move away for school tomorrow so I started building a wall of Kraft Dinner in between us and she’s still talking

?? who’s taking the picture? he set up a camera, turned on a timer, and his mom still didn’t notice?? this is the most half assed shit i’ve ever seen on this website yet you’re all still reblogging it. god

the neverending ballad of jakemalik, on repeat for all time

where did the kraft dinner come from why were they just laying around did he have to get up, get 8 boxes of kraft dinner & stack em up and his mom APPARENTLY didnt notice that either ??

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hey y’know aside from the video, “hello kitty” actually goes hord