Steelix used Gyro Ball.


back at it again at the krusty krab

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purple skeleton going the extra mile.




this was designed for very young children and i am not a young child i am a 260 pound man

how did you get in there.

how did you get out of there


I am having a heart attack


look how ridiculously happy that cat is


and this one too 


In first period tomorrow like

how is it that jason derulo can literally write over 300+ songs for his album and none of them are good?

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and if you look at the radio station top 15 G.U.Y is #1 and Dark Horse is #8??????????

someone on atrl pointed out the disparity in likes and dislikes between “g.u.y.” and the rest of the top 5.

like, if the station can barely get 5 listeners, how are we supposed to believe that thousands of people are voting on how they feel about certain tracks being played??

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little monsters accepting a very unreliable radio station’s word that katy somehow pays for every single time a radio station plays her songs, but writing essays against angela cheng’s claims that gaga paid billboard to count “dope“‘s streams when it was played as an advertisement before videos.

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If it wasn’t true Katy would ignore it, or refute it, not use emojis like we all do when we know that shit true. 

yes because hits93 toronto is the most reliable source EVER.

no biased shown there at all, nope. 100% true

i thought we already established that

1. that radio station, although verified on twitter, has no actual standard of reliability beyond that. they’re an online exclusive station that averages 10-15 listeners. even when everyone was talking about it earlier today, i saw it only peak at 40-50 listeners.

2. almost every artist does payola of some sort. gaga, madonna, mariah, rihanna, bruno mars, ke$ha, justin timberlake, literally everyone.

3. this makes no sense bc if y’all recall, katy recently had an underperfoming song called “unconditionally” that peaked at #8 on pop radio (a rather low peak for katy’s standards). katy described the song many times as her favorite from the album, so i’m pretty sure she would make sure that song would peak at #1.

at the very least, katy uses payola to kick start her singles on radio. there’s no way she paid for every single spin the song got